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American Folk Music and Musicians Series


info "Wasn't That A Time!": Firsthand Accounts of the Folk Music Revival, Ronald D. Cohen (Ed), 1995
info Appalachian Dulcimer Traditions, Ralph Lee Smith, 1997
info Ballad of an American: The Autobiography of Earl Robinson, Earl Robinson and Eric A. Gordon, 199?
info American Folk Music and Left-Wing Politics, 1927-1957, Richard A. Reuss and JoAnne C. Reuss, 2000
info The Unbroken Circle: Tradition and Innovation in the Music of Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal, Fred Metting, 2000
info The Hammered Dulcimer: A History, Paul M. Gifford, 2001
info The Formative Dylan: Transmission and Stylistic Influences, 1961-1963, Todd Harvey, 2001
info Exploring Roots Music: Twenty Years of the JEMF Quarterly, Nolan Porterfield, 2003

Last updated March 2007