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The Banshees Discography

The Banshees were from the Millbrae / Burlingame area south of San Francisco. The group formed in the early 1960's, initially using the group name The Black Knights then becoming the Banshees in 1964. The main members of the band at this time were Chris Guiver, Paul Studebaker, Dennis Studebaker and Jack Walters. They released two singles in 1965 and performed at many venues in the Bay Area in 1965 and 1966.

Later in 1966 the group signed a recording dead with Mainstream and released one single using the band name Ariel. The group split up at the end of 1966. Three of the four members of the group were subsequently in Kensington Forest.

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The Banshees - singles

no info They Prefer Blondes / Take A Ride With Me, The Banshees, 1965, Solo 1
no info Never Said I Loved You / So Hard To Bear, The Banshees, 1965, Solo 2

Various artist compilations that include tracks by The Banshees

info Boulders, Vol. 4, Various Artists, 1982
info Back From The Grave, Vol. 2, Various Artists, 1983
info Teenage Shutdown, Vol. 11: Move It!, Various Artists, 1999

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