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The Bedouins Discography

The Bedouins were a Bay Area group who were probably formed in 1964. The line-up of the group was Bill Fulton (vocals), Denny Ellis (guitar), Dave Stensen (bass) and Joel Larson (drums). The group gained a wider audience after winning a battle of the bands in San Mateo in the Summer of 1965. Early in 1966 they auditioned to become the Grass Roots, a Los Angeles based folk rock group put together to perform the songs of P F Sloan and Steve Barry. They recorded the first Grass Roots single and performed live as the Grass Roots but were subsequently replaced by session musicians for Grass Roots recordings. The majority of the band decided at this point to return to the Bay Area. They then became the Unquenchable Thirst. Stensen and Ellis were subsequently members of Serpent Power.

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