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The Big Swell

The Big Swell was the name given to a group gathered together for a show in Kauai, Hawaii. This show was made available on CD and as a download - proceeds benefit The Hanalei Initiative and Earthjustice. To date the name has only been used for this show.

The line-up for the show was Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, Steve Kimock, Jeff Chimenti, Robyn Sylvester and Wally Ingram plus Taj Mahal, Don Was, and George Porter, Jr. joining for some of the songs.

The Big Swell show released as CD and downloads on nugs.net

Rising Up To Paradise: 12/31/2018, Kauai, HI, The Big Swell, 2018

Setlist: Set 1: Sugar Magnolia, Cassidy, Franklin's Tower, Tennessee Jed, Deep Elem Blues, Been All Around This World, Weather Report Suite, Let It Grow, Set 2: Help on the Way, Slipknot!, Scarlet Begonias, Fire on the Bayou, Sugaree, Iko Iko, Drums, Estimated Prophet, Eyes of the World, The Music Never Stopped, Touch of Grey, Encore: Ripple

Line-up: Bob Weir, Bill Kreutzmann, Steve Kimock, Jeff Chimenti, Robyn Sylvester, Wally Ingram, Taj Mahal, Don Was, George Porter, Jr

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Songs performed by The Big Swell

info Cassidy
info Deep Elem Blues
info Drums
info Estimated Prophet
info Eyes Of The World
info Fiyo On The Bayou
info Franklin's Tower
info Help On The Way
info I've Been All Around This World
info Iko Iko
info Let It Grow
info The Music Never Stopped
info Ripple
info Scarlet Begonias
info Slipknot!
info Sugar Magnolia
info Sugaree
info Tennessee Jed
info Touch Of Grey
info Weather Report Suite Part 1
info Weather Report Suite Prelude

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