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Crowfoot Discography

Crowfoot originated in Florida where they were originally called The Beau Gentry. They moved to Marin County in late 1968. The group members were Russell DaShiell, Doug Killmer and Rick Jaeger. They recorded a self-titled album in 1970 by which time Killmer had left the band. A second LP was released in 1971 by which time DaShiell was the only original member left. The other band members at this time were Sam McCue, Bill Sutton and Don Francisco.

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Crowfoot album

info Crowfoot, Crowfoot, 1970
info Find The Sun, Crowfoot, 1971

Crowfoot singles/promos

no info Groove Along / Love Is Everywhere, Crowfoot, 1970, Paramount PAA 0074
no info California Rock N Roll / Maybe I Can Learn To Live, Crowfoot, 1970, Paramount PARA 3008 (UK)
no info Travel in Time / Travel in Time, Crowfoot, 1971, ABC Paramount 11315

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