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Crystal Syphon Discography

The Merced based group the Morelochs changed their name to Crystal Syphon probably in 1967, The original line-up of the group was Jeff Sanders, Tom Salles, Jim Sanders, Dave Sprinkel, Roger Henry and Andy Daniels. Sometime in 1967 Bob Greenlee and Marvin Greenlee replaced Henry and Daniels on bass and drums. Jim Sanders and Dave Sprinkel left the group sometime in 1968/69. They continued to perform for a short time as a quartet before folding in 1970. Some of the band then formed Boogeyman.

Crystal Syphon did not release any recordings during their existence but a collection of studio and live music was released in 2012.

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Crystal Syphon albums

info Crystal Syphon, Family Evil, 2012

Last updated June 2012