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Dead Ringers

Tom Constanten was a member of Dead Ringers in the 1991/92 period.

The group was put together by Barry Flast to play a series of acoustic shows in 1991. The original line-up of the band was;

  • Barry Flast - keyboards, guitar, vocals
  • David Nelson - guitar, vocals
  • Barry Sless - pedal steel
  • Tom Constanten - keyboards
  • Fred Campbell - bass, guitar
After these shows the group decided to continue playing together and Arthur Steinhorn joined on drums. Bill Laymon replaced Campbell on bass in 1993. At the end of 1993 Nelson, Sless, Laymon and Steinhorn left the group to form the David Nelson Band. Barry Flast kept Dead Ringers going for a short period with a varying personnel but finally disbanded in 1994.

Barry Flast reformed the group in 2011 with a new line-up:

  • Barry Flast - keyboards, guitar, vocals
  • Bill Shreve - guitar
  • Scott Coppola - guitar
  • Paul Biondi - saxophone
  • Mike Brewer - bass
  • Pete Burger - drums, percussion

Dead Ringers albums

info Dead Ringers, Dead Ringers, 1994

Dead Ringers on various artist collections

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info Relix Magazine's 20th Anniversary Concert, Various Artists, 1994
info Relix's Best Of Truck Driving Songs, Various Artists, 1997
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