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Devil's Kitchen Discography

Though originating from Illinois Devil's Kitchen were based in San Francisco between the Spring of 1968 and the Summer of 1970. During this period the group performed widely around the Bay Area and other West Coast areas. For some of the time they were the house band at Family Dog Ballroom on the Great Highway and opened for many of the major groups of the period. The band line-up was Brett Champlin (guitar, vocals), Robbie Stokes (lead guitar, vocals), Bob Laughton (bass, vocals) and Steve Sweigart (drums).

For more information about the group see the Devil's Kitchen website.

The first Devil's Kitchen album, comprising recordings from 1969, was released in 2011. Two live performances by the group have been made available for download at Wolfgang' Vault.

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Major albums

info Devil's Kitchen, Devil's Kitchen, 2011

Downloadable live performances

info Family Dog at the Great Highway, March 21, 1970
info Family Dog at the Great Highway, March 22, 1970

album cover

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