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Freedom Highway Discography

Freedom Highway came together during jam sessions run by Rod Albin at 1090 Page Street in San Francisco in early 1967. The first settled line-up of the band was probably Richi Ray Harris (guitar, vocals), Mike Lamb (vocals), Howie Lazzarini (organ), Scott Inglis (bass) and Kurt Eichstaedt (drums). The group performed in some of the major Bay Area venues during 1967 and early 1968. Sometime during this period the group became a trio with Richi Ray Harris, Scott Inglis and Bruce Brymer (drums, vocals). Later in 1968 Gary Philippet (guitar, vocals) joined the group. Toward the end of that year or early in 1969 Inglis left the band and was replaced by Dave Schallock. It is likely that there were other band members at certain periods in the bands existence.

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Freedom Highway albums

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