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Group "B" Discography

Group "B" were formed in Sacramento probably in late 1964. The group were originally called the Bandits but changed their name after signing for Fantasy in early 1965. To further confuse the issue they recorded the first single to be released on the Fantasy subsidiary label Scorpio using the group name the Spokes. The group also recorded the second Scorpio single using the Group "B" name. The line-up on both singles was Jim King, vocals; Jack May, guitar; Rodger Hille, guitar; and Dave Damrell, bass. Jim King played drums on the Spokes single but not the Group "B" single. Dave Damrell left before the recording of the second single and was replaced by Jerre and Dickie Peterson. The group continued, with a few change in personnel, but released no more recordings. They folded in early 1967.

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Group "B" singles

no info Stop Calling Me / She's Gone, Group "B", 1965, Scorpio 402
no info I Know Your Name Girl / I Never Really Knew, Group "B", 1966, Scorpio 406

Group "B" singles as The Spokes

no info Mini-Bike 4-2 / Boots, The Spokes, 1965, Scorpio 401

Various artists compilations that include Group "B" tracks

info Scorpio Records Story, Various Artists, 1994

Last updated March 2005