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The Healy Treece Band

The Healy Treece Band, formed by Dan Healy, sometime Grateful Dead soundman, and Richard Treece performed during the 1979 to 1981 period but did not record. During this period Donna Godchaux, Keith Godchaux and Bill Kreutzmann performed with the group.

John Cipollina and Kathi McDonald also performed with the group in 1979 and 1980. Mike Larshied was a regular bass player with the band for some of it's existence.

The group line-up for two shows was as follows.

A show in 1979;

  • Dan Healy - guitar, vocals
  • Richard Treece - guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Bill Kreutzmann - drums
  • Keith Godchaux - keyboards
  • Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
A show in May 1981;
  • Dan Healy - guitar, vocals
  • Richard Treece - guitar, vocals
  • John Cipollina - guitars
  • Larry Klein - bass
  • Bill Kreutzmann - drums
A number of tapes of the group circulate.

Last updated Dec 2006