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The Hedds

After a number of group names and personnel changes the The Hedds got together and adopted the name in San Francisco in 1965. The group performed at school dances and smaller venues around the Bay Area through 1965. They played at a Band Bash at the Cow Palace where they finished in 2nd place and won a recording session in a studio. But no recordings were released. They were also possibly the first live rock band to perform at CBS studios in Los Angeles. By 1966 The Hedds were performing at larger venues and sharing the bill, with the major groups of the period, at the Fillmore, Avalon and other venues. The group reportedly recorded more material in 1966 but this was not released and appears to no longer exist. The Hedds split up in the Summer of 1966. The group members were; Billy Booth (guitar, vocals), Rory Butcher (vocals), George Castagnola (guitar), Barry Lewis (drums), Reese Marin (keyboard, vocals), Dennis O'Brien (bass).

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