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Hotel Utah Saloon Discography

This is a discography of albums recorded at Hotel Utah Saloon. The Hotel Utah, at 500 Fourth Street, was built in 1908. The saloon has had a number of names over the years. The Utah name was adopted toward the end of the 1970's and at the same time a stage was built and the venue started to present music, comedy and readings. In recent years it has become well known for its open mic nights. For more information see the Hotel Utah website.

info 1984-1995, American Music Club, 2005

no info Oh, But They're Weird And They're Wonderful, Mushroom, 2002

info Out of Town: Live at the Hotel Utah, Guinea Pig, 19??

info From Ritual To Romance, The Loud Family, 2002 (Part)
info San Francisco Challenge 2002: Live at The Hotel Utah Saloon, Various Artists, 2002

info Live at the Hotel Utah Saloon, Bryan Harrison, 2003

Last updated Jan 2007