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Initial Shock Discography

Initial Shock were formed in Montana probably at the start of 1966. The line-up probably included William Collins and George Wallace. They moved to San Francisco toward the end of 1966 and performed at many of the areas major venues supporting the major groups of the period. The Initial Shock name may not have been used by the group until after the move to the Bay Area. Initial shock released two singles. The group probably called it a day toward the end of 1968.

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Initial Shock singles

no info Mind Disaster / It's Not Easy, Initial Shock, 1966, BFD 0036
no info You Been A Long Time Comin' / I Once Asked, Initial Shock, 1967, BFD 2022 1967

Various artists compilations that include Initial Shock tracks

info Nuggets, Vol. 8 - The Northwest, Various Artists, 198?

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