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The Knight Riders Discography

The Knight Riders were formed in the early 1960's, possibly 1963, in San Carlos on the San Francisco peninsula. The group members were Ryan Clark (guitar), Virgil Daniels (guitar), Jay Mierly (vocals), Rodney Pearce (bass) and Mike Lentos (drums). The group were signed to Autumn records in 1965 and recorded material for release on singles but no releases followed. The group split in 1966.

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Knight Riders releases

info San Francisco 1965: The Autumn Session, The Knight Riders, 2015

Various artists compilations that include The Knight Riders tracks

info San Francisco Roots, Various Artists, 1968
info Pebbles, Vol. 13, Various Artists, 1984
info Mindrocker, Vol. 10, Various Artists, 1984
info The Autumn Records Story, Various Artists, 1986
info Dance With Me: The Autumn Teen Sound, Various Artists, 1993
info Psychedelic Microdots, Vol. 3: My Rainbow Life, Various Artists, 1994

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