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Mabuhay Gardens Discography

Mabuhay Garden at 443 Broadway started presenting comedy, music and dance shows in the early 1970's. The club became the centre of the Bay Area punk rock scene during the second half of the 1970's.

info Slash Your Face single, The Dogs, 1978
info Fed Up, The Dogs, 2000
info Savage single, The Nuns, 1978

info Live in San Francisco Sept 2nd 1978, The Screamers, 1986 (video/DVD)
info Shut Down single, F-Word! / Electric Frankenstein / Sator, 1978 (1 song)
no info Died For Your Sins, The Avengers, 1999 (5 tracks)

no info Live At Mabuhay Gardens, Leland, The Screamers, 1979

info Lewd Conduct In A Public Place!, The Lewd, 1999
info Live At The Mabuhay, The Lewd, 2001
info Live At The Mabuhay, The Offs, 199?
info Salts Of Heavy Metals, Z'ev, 1981
info Joyride on the Western Front, Young Canadians, 2002

info Friends Of Extinction, Dinosaurs, 2005 (1 track)

Last updated Oct 2005