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Mount Rushmore Discography

Mount Rushmore were formed in late 1966/early 1967 in San Francisco. The group lived at 1915 Oak Street. Several members of the original line-up, including Warren B. Phillips who wrote a number of the songs, left the band in early 1968. The group continued with a new line-up of Terry Kimball, John Mike Bolan, Glen Smith and Travis Fullerton. This line-up released 2 albums and a single in the 1968 to 1969 period.

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album cover

Mount Rushmore albums

info High On Mount Rushmore, Mount Rushmore, 1968
info Mount Rushmore '69, Mount Rushmore, 1969

Mount Rushmore singles

info Stone Free / ('Cause) She's So Good To Me, Mount Rushmore, 1968, Dot 17l58

Mount Rushmore compilations

info High On / '69, Mount Rushmore, 2002

Mount Rushmore on various artist comps

info White Lace and Strange, Various Artists, 2007

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