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The Rhythm Dukes Discography

The Rhythm Dukes were put together by Jerry Miller in 1969. The original line-up of the group was John Barrett and Fuzzy Oxendine, who were members of the band Boogie, and Jerry Miller and Don Stevenson, who were members of Moby Grape. The group were based in Santa Cruz. Towards the end of 1969 Stevenson left the group and Bill Champlin joined. Champlin left the group in the Fall of 1970 to return to the Sons Of Champlin. After a short period the group disbanded and Jerry Miller returned to Moby Grape.

The Rhythm Dukes recorded material for an album in April 1970. The album was not released at the time but was released on CD in 2005.

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The Rhythm Dukes albums

info Flashback, The Rhythm Dukes, 2005

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