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Roadhog was a grouped that included Robert Hunter which performed during 1976. The Hunter song Roadhog was written for the group. In A Box of Rain: Lyrics 1965-1973 the lyrics for the song are followed by Hunter's note;
Ted Clare's croaking voice claimed lead honors on this tune, the signature song of the band Roadhog, which also included Rodney Albin, Jeffrey Dambrau, Bill Summers, Jim MacPherson, and myself - three nights a week at the Green Earth Café on Market Street.
Only a few Roadhog shows circulate. The list of songs below is therefore only a partial list of their repertoire.

Songs performed by Roadhog

info All The Same
info Ariel
info Arizona Lightning
info Battle Of New Orleans
info Boys In The Barroom
no info Charlene (?)
no info Cheap Tequila (?)
info Children's Lament
no info Cold, Cold Heart
info Cruel White Water
info Dire Wolf
info Dry Dusty Road
info Friend Of The Devil
no info Hills Of West Virginia
info I Will
info It Must Have Been The Roses
info Jesse James
info Keys To The Rain
info Kick In The Head
info Lady Simplicity
info Last Flash Of Rock & Roll
info A Letter To Carmina
no info Louisiana Man
info Melinda (see Children's Lament)
info One Thing To Try
no info Praise His Name (aka Praise The Day) (?)
info Promontory Rider
info Roadhog
no info Rock Around The Clock
info Rum Runners
info Silver Threads & Golden Needles
no info Space Buggy (?)
no info Standing In The Rain (?)
info That Train
info Tiger Rose
no info The Unknown (?)
info Wild Bill
no info Wild Night
no info The Year That Clayton Delaney Died

(?) indicates that the song has not been definitely identified.

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