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Scorpio Label Discography

This page lists releases on the San Francisco based Scorpio label.

Scorpio was a subsidiary label of Fantasy Records. The label was setup in 1965 with the aim of releasing singles by local groups to break into the market created by the 'British Invasion' groups. A series of singles was released on the label between 1965 and 1967. These singles are listed below. The list may be incomplete.

Music released on the label, plus some previously unreleased tracks, was later compiled on the 1994 various artist CD release The Scorpio Records Story.

(Note that this is not the same Scorpio label as the one that released the first Grateful Dead single.)

Additions, corrections and comments are welcome

album cover

album cover
Scorpio singles

Mini-Bike (Built For Two) / Bouncing Betty, The Spokes, 1965, Scorpio 401
Stop Calling Me / She's Gone, Group, 1965, Scorpio 402
Now / Ask Me No Questions, The Tokays, 1965, Scorpio 403
Brown-Eyed Girl / You Better Be Careful, The Golliwogs, 1965, Scorpio 404
Fight Fire / Fragile Child, The Golliwogs, 1966, Scorpio 405
Stop Calling Me / She's Gone, Group B, 1966, Scorpio 406
Malaguena / Dance For An Unnamed Gypsy Queen, The Fantastics, 1966, Scorpio 407
Walking On The Water / You Better Get It Before It Gets You, The Golliwogs, 1966, Scorpio 408
Weatherman / Read All About It, The Tears, 1966, Scorpio 409
Tell Me / You Can't Be True, The Golliwogs, 1967, Scorpio 410
No release identified, Scorpio 411
Porterville / Call It Pretending, Creedence Clearwater Revival, 1968, Scorpio 412

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