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Stained Glass Discography

Stained Glass were formed in San Jose in 1966. The original line-up was Jim McPherson, Bob Rominger and Dennis Carrasco. The group released their first single, a Beatles cover, in 1966. Three further singles were released on RCA over the next year and a half including We Got a Long Way to Go which was a big local hit. RCA released the group in 1968 and they signed with Capitol. Their first LP was released in early 1969 with a second LP following later in the year. During 1969 Bob Rominger, who played on the first LP, was replaced by Tom Bryant. Neither album nor the associated singles were successful and the group split before the end of 1969.

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Stained Glass albums

info Crazy Horse Roads, Stained Glass, 1969
info Aurora, Stained Glass, 1969

Stained Glass collections

info A Scene In-Between: 1965-1967, Stained Glass, 2013

Stained Glass singles

no info If I Needed Someone / How Do You Expect Me To Trust You, Stained Glass, 1966, RCA 47-8889
no info My Buddy Sin / Vanity Fair, Stained Glass, , 1966, RCA 47-8952
no info We Got A Long Way To Go / Corduroy Joy, Stained Glass, , 1967, RCA 47-9166
no info A Scene In Between / Mediocre Me, Stained Glass, 1967, RCA 47-9354
no info Lady In Lace / Soap And Turkey, Stained Glass, 1968, Capitol 2178
no info Fahrenheit / Twiddle My Thumbs, Stained Glass, 1969, Capitol 2372
no info Gettin' On's Gettin' Rough / The Necromancer, Stained Glass, 1969, Capitol 2521

Stained Glass - Various artist compilations

info 4 Is A Four Letter Word, Various Artists, 196?
info Music Makes The Scene / Jamboree Country & Western Style / Stereorama Sounds, Various Artists, 197?
info Fuzz, Flaykes, And Shakes, Vol. 1: 60 Miles High, Various Artists, 1999
info Psychedelic Unknowns Vol. 7, Various Artists, 199?
info Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970, Various Artists, 2007

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