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Touloos Ta Truck

Touloos Ta Truck was a short lived group assembled by Phil Lesh at the end of 1975. The group played a number of shows between February and December 1976. The line-up of the group was;

  • Phil Lesh - bass
  • Terry Haggerty - guitar
  • John Allair - keyboards, vocals
  • Steve Mitchell - drums
At least one show has circulated on tape.

Songs played by Touloos Ta Truck

The following list of songs has been compiled from circulating tapes and setlists.

info Baby What You Want Me To Do
no info Better Listen To Me
no info Detoxify
no info Drop Your Drawers
no info Fairfax Mama
no info Glory
no info Go To The High Place In Your Mind
no info Going To The River
no info Good Night Sweetheart
info Hi-Heel Sneakers
no info High Place In Your Mind
info I Saw Her Standing There
info Louie Louie
info Next Time You See Me
info Proud Mary
no info Really Like To See You
no info Shake It Mama
info Shake, Rattle And Roll
no info Since I Fell For You
no info Slippin' And Slidin'
info Stagger Lee
no info Standing At My Window
no info Sugar Mama
no info Swanee River (Old Folks At Home)
no info Take Me Out To Dinner
no info Tell Me Mama
no info Touloos Ta Truck
no info What I'd Say
info WPLJ
no info Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash


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