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William Penn and His Pals / William Penn Fyve

William Penn and His Pals evolved out of an earlier group, the DiscCounts who got together at the College of San Mateo in late 1964. The group adopted the William Penn name in the early months of 1965 by which time the line-up was Neil Holtmann (guitar), Ron Cox (drums, vocals), Dave Lovell (keyboards), Mike Shapiro (guitar) and Steve Leidenthal (bass). An additional guitarist, Jack Shelton, was added after a few months. Gregg Rolie replaced Dave Lovell at the start of 1966. Mickey Hart was a member of the band for a short period in 1966. The group released at least one single in 1966. The single was released using the band name The William Penn Fyve. The group disbanded in 1967.

Note that the group William Penn and His Quakers who also recorded and performed in the Bay Area in the 1966 to 1967 were a different band.

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