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Acoustic Disc 100% Handmade Music, Vol. 6

Various Artists

Initial release : March 2002

Acoustic Disc ACD 48

The sixth Acoustic Disc sampler. Includes two tracks from the Garcia/Grisman Grateful Dawg DVD that have not previously been released on audio CD.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Man Of Constant Sorrow - Jerry Garcia/David Grisman/Tony Rice
  • Moonlight Bay - Mike Auldridge/Bob Brozman/David Grisman
  • Tears - Frank Vignola
  • Ranger's Command - Charles Sawtelle & Friends
  • Brazilian Street Dance - David Grisman & Denny Zeitlin
  • God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen - Jerry Garcia/David Grisman
  • Costumi Siciliani - Carlo Aonzo/Beppe Gambetta/David Grisman
  • Amazing Grace - Jerry Garcia/David Grisman/Tony Rice
  • New Steal - Mike Auldridge/Bob Brozman/David Grisman
  • Limehouse Blues - Frank Vignola
  • My Life Is In Your Hands - Charles Sawtelle & Friends
  • Fourteen Miles To Barstow - David Grisman & Denny Zeitlin
  • Oh, Mio Barrino Caro - Carlo Aonzo/Beppe Gambetta/David Grisman
  • I'm Troubled - Jerry Garcia/David Grisman
  • Anniversary Waltz - Carlo Aonzo/Beppe Gambetta/David Grisman

  • Producer - David Grisman
  • Engineer - David Dennison
Related releases

The tracks on this sampler are from the following sources.

Man Of Constant Sorrow and Amazing Grace from;

Moonlight Bay and New Steal from; Tears and Limehouse Blues from; Ranger's Command and My Life Is In Your Hands from; Brazilian Street Dance and Fourteen Miles To Barstow from;
  • New River, David Grisman and Denny Zeitlin, 2001
Costumi Siciliani and Oh, Mio Barrino Caro from; Anniversary Waltz is a previously unreleased track from the David Grisman / Beppe Gambetta / Carlo Aonzo sessions.

God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen and I'm Troubled from;

These two Garcia/Grisman tracks were not included on the Grateful Dawg audio CD. This is their first release on an audio CD.

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