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Eleventh Dream Day

Initial release : 1990

Atlantic Records 82053-1

This release includes an anti-hippie/Grateful Dead song called Bomb The Mars Hotel.

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  • Between Here And There (Figi / Rizzo)
  • Testify (Rizzo)
  • Bagdad's Last Ride (Bean)
  • Awake I Lie (Rizzo)
  • Road That Never Winds (Rizzo)
  • Axle (Rizzo)
  • Michael Dunne (Figi / Rizzo)
  • Bomb The Mars Hotel (Figi)
  • Teenage Pin Queen (Rizzo)
  • Love To Hate To Love (Rizzo)
  • Go (Slight Return) (Bean / Rizzo)

  • Seiche (CD bonus track) (Figi)

  • Rick Rizzo - guitar, vocals
  • Baird Figi - guitar, lap steel
  • Douglas McCombs - bass
  • Janet Beveridge Bean - drums, vocals Further information will be added when available.


    • Producer - Gary Waleik
    • Engineer - Timothy Powell
    • Mixing - Lou Giordano, Gary Waleik
    • Mastering - Denis King
    • Recorded June 1989 at Metro Mobile Studios in Chicago
    • Mixed at Fort Apache North in August 1989.

    Bomb The Mars Hotel is an anti Dead and anti-hippie song. The Mars Hotel is a reference to the Dead's From The Mars Hotel LP. The lyrics include the following;

    No more tiedyes that you wear
    No more dancing bears
    Bomb the Mars Hotel
    And see it go up in flames.

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    Between Here And There was included on the promotional release;

    • Borscht, Eleventh Dream Day, 1990