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The Best of Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills

Initial release : 1976

Atlantic 18201

A compilation album, comprising songs from Stephen Stills and Manassas albums. Jerry Garcia possibly plays pedal steel on one track from the second solo LP, Stephen Stills 2.


  • Love the One You're With (Stills)
  • It Doesn't Matter
  • We Are Not Helpless
  • Marianne
  • Bound to Fall
  • Isn't It About Time
  • Change Partners (Stills)
  • Go Back Home (Stills)
  • Johnny's Garden
  • Rock & Roll Crazies
  • Cuban Bluegrass
  • Sit Yourself Down

Garcia may play pedal steel on Change Partners;

Note that Garcia is not listed in the credits for the original Stephen Stills 2 album, nor in the credits on the Crosby, Stills and Nash compilation album Carry On which included Change Partners, nor in the credits on the Crosby, Stills and Nash Box Set which also included Change Partners. However the track is included on the Crosby, Stills and Nash compilation Replay and he is credited there.

No musician is named for pedal steel on this original album but there is a pedal steel guitar on the track.

Musicians listed for Change Partners on the Replay compilation;

  • Stephen Stills - guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals
  • David Crosby - vocals
  • Jerry Garcia - pedal steel
  • Conrad Isidore - drums
  • Graham Nash - vocals
  • Dallas Taylor - drums
Musicians listed for Change Partners on the Crosby, Stills and Nash Box Set;
  • Stephen Stills - guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • David Crosby - vocals
  • Henry Diltz - vocals
  • Paul Harris - keyboards
  • Freddie Neil - vocals
  • Calvin Samuels - bass
  • Dallas Taylor - drums
Full musician information for the other tracks on this compilation will be added when available.

Related releases

Change Partners is taken from;

The other songs on this compilation are taken from the following albums;
  • Love the One You're With, We Are Not Helpless, Go Back Home and Sit Yourself Down from Stephen Stills, Stephen Stills, 1970, Atlantic 7202
  • It Doesn't Matter, Bound to Fall, Johnny's Garden and Song Of Love (a. Rock & Roll Crazies, b. Cuban Bluegrass) from Manassas, Stephen Stills w/ Manassas, 1972, Atlantic SD 903
  • Marianne from Stephen Stills 2, Stephen Stills, 1971, Atlantic 7206
  • Isn't It About Time from Manassas Down the Road, Stephen Stills w/ Manassas, 1973, Atlantic 7250
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