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Down On The Farm

Little Feat

Initial release : 1979

Warner Brothers 3345

This album released after Little Feat disbanded includes one song co-written by Keith Godchaux and Lowell George.


  • Down on the Farm (Barrere)
  • Six Feet of Snow (George/Godchaux)
  • Perfect Imperfection (Barrere/Snow)
  • Kokomo (George)
  • Be One Now (George/Tackett)
  • Straight from the Heart (George/Payne)
  • Front Page News (George/Payne)
  • Wake up Dreaming (Payne/Payne)
  • Feel the Groove (Clayton/DeWitty)

Little Feat;

  • Paul Barrére - guitar, vocals
  • Sam Clayton - percussion, vocals
  • Lowell George - guitar, vocals
  • Kenny Gradney - bass
  • Richard Hayward - drums, vocals
  • Bill Payne - percussion, keyboards, vocals
The liner notes describe other participants as follows;
  • Fred Tackett - electric aids
  • David Lindley - electric aids
  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow - electric aids
  • Robben Ford - wonder thunder
  • Bonnie Raitt, Rosemary Butler, Fran Payne, the Waters, Dan Smith and us - invisible choir and background singers
  • Earl Palmer - the thumper on Feel The Groove
  • Jerry Jomonville and Lee Thornberg are honker and tooter respectively
  • Dan Smith - drums
Six Feet Of Snow was included on the Little Feat box set Hotcakes and Outtakes. The information provided with that set listed the additional musicians on the song as;
  • Fred Tackett - guitars
  • "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow - steel guitar

  • Producer - Lowell George ... With a little help from his friends
  • Engineered - Ray Thompson
  • Assistant Engineer - Billy Youdelman
  • Art direction, cover painting - Neon Park
  • Back cover photos - Susan Rothchild
  • Design - Eddy herch
  • Album coordination, 'Feat' photo - Elizabeth George
The liner notes describe credits as follows;
  • Gordon Dewitty as native guide
  • Peter (The Wiz) Wasner as lifeguard
  • Ray (You Talking To Me?) Thompson as referee and camp counsellor
  • Billy (The Columbo of Rock & Roll) Youdelman, Mike Carver and Steve Goddard as Boys' Advisers
  • Slim on hot point
  • Eddy Von Zipper on and off
  • Liz for president
The album is dedicated as follows;
  • This is from us all to Lowell, straight from the heart. Good-bye friend, be free
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