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Hotcakes & Outtakes

Little Feat

Initial release : September 2000


This 4 CD box set includes one song, taken from the Little Feat album Down On The Farm, that was co-written by Keith Godchaux. Also includes one track that was recorded at Winterland in San Francisco in 1976.


Disc 1: 1970-1975;

  • Strawberry Flats (Bill Payne/Lowell George)
  • Hamburger Midnight (Lowell George/Roy Estrada)
  • Easy To Slip (Lowell George/Martin Kibbee)
  • Cold, Cold, Cold (Lowell George)
  • Trouble (Lowell George)
  • Tripe Face Boogie (Bill Payne/Richie Hayward)
  • Willin' (Lowell George)
  • Cat Fever (Bill Payne)
  • Sailin' Shoes (Lowell George)
  • Dixie Chicken (Lowell George/Martin Kibbee)
  • Two Trains (Lowell George)
  • Roll Um Easy (Lowell George)
  • Fat Man In The Bathtub (Lowell George)
  • Fool Yourself (Fred Tackett)
  • Spanish Moon (Lowell George)
  • Rock And Roll Doctor (Lowell George/Martin Kibbee)
  • Oh Atlanta (Bill Payne)
  • Skin It Back (Paul Barrère)
  • Feats Don't Fail Me Now (Paul Barrère/Lowell George/Martin Kibbee)
  • Mercenary Territory (Lowell George/Richie Hayward/Elizabeth George)
  • All That You Dream (Paul Barrère/Bill Payne)
  • Long Distance Love (Lowell George)
  • Day Or Night (Bill Payne/Fran Tate)
Disc 2: 1976-1981;
  • Hi Roller (Paul Barrère)
  • Time Loves A Hero (Bill Payne/Paul Barrère/Ken Gradney)
  • Rocket In My Pocket (Lowell George)
  • Old Folks Boogie (Paul Barrère/Gabriel Barrère)
  • Day At The Dog Races (Paul Barrère/Sam Clayton/Ken Gradney/Richie Hayward/Bill Payne)
  • Fat Man In The Bathtub (Lowell George)
  • All That You Dream (Paul Barrère/Bill Payne)
  • Mercenary Territory (Lowell George/Richie Hayward/Elizabeth George)
  • Spanish Moon (Lowell George)
  • 20 Million Things (Lowell George/Jed Levy)
  • Down On The Farm (Paul Barrère/Gabriel Barrère)
  • Six Feet Of Snow (Lowell George/Keith Godchaux)
  • Gringo (Bill Payne)
  • Lonesome Whistle (Hank Williams/Jimmie Davis)
  • Front Page News (Bill Payne)
  • The Fan (Lowell George/Bill Payne)
  • Red Streamliner (Bill Payne/Fran Tate)
  • Teenage Nervous Breakdown (Lowell George)
Disc 3: 1988-1998;
  • Hate To Lose Your Lovin' (Craig Fuller/Paul Barrère)
  • Let It Roll (Bill Payne/Paul Barrère/Martin Kibbee)
  • Hangin' On To The Good Times (Craig Fuller/Paul Barrère/Bill Payne/Fred Tackett)
  • Rad Gumbo (Bill Payne/Paul Barrère/Martin Kibbee/Sam Clayton/Ken Gradney/Neon Park)
  • Texas Twister (Fred Tackett/Martin Kibbee/Bill Payne/Paul Barrère)
  • Representing The Mambo (Bill Payne/Neon Park/Fred Tackett/Paul Barrère)
  • The Ingenue (Paul Barrère/Bill Payne/Fred Tackett/Craig Fuller)
  • Shake Me Up (Bill Payne/Martin Kibbee/Paul Barrère/Craig Fuller)
  • Things Happen (Paul Barrère/Fred Tackett/Bill Payne)
  • Borderline Blues (Bill Payne/Bill Wray/Paul Barrère/Shaun Murphy/Fred Tackett)
  • Cadillac Hotel (Bill Payne/Bill Wray)
  • Ain't Had Enough Fun (Bill Payne/Fred Tackett/Paul Barrère/Shaun Murphy/Chick Strand)
  • Can't Be Satisfied/They're Red Hot (Hot Tamales) (Live) (Muddy Waters)(Robert Johnson)
  • Home Ground (Paul Barrère)
  • The Blues Don't Tell It All (Bill Payne/Shaun Murphy)
  • Eden's Wall (Bill Payne/Paul Barrère/Shaun Murphy)
Disc 4: Studio Artifacts;
  • Lightning-Rod Man ? (Lowell George/Martin Kibbee)
  • Crack In Your Door (Lowell George)
  • Teenage Nervous Breakdown (Lowell George/Martin Kibbee)
  • Juliet (Lowell George)
  • Jazz Thing In 10 (Lowell George/Bill Payne/Richie Hayward)
  • Rat Faced Dog (Lowell George/Bill Payne)
  • Doglines (Bill Payne)
  • Wait Till The Shit Hits The Fan (Bill Payne/Lowell George)
  • Easy To Fall (Easy To Slip) (Lowell George/Martin Kibbee)
  • Texas Rose Cafe (Lowell George)
  • Doriville (Lowell George)
  • Boogie (Tripe Face Boogie) (Bill Payne/Richie Hayward)
  • Two Trains (Lowell George)
  • Roto/Tone (Elliot Ingber)
  • Ace In The Hole (Hi Roller) (Paul Barrère)
  • Eldorado Slim (Lowell George/Bill Payne)
  • Feats Don't Fail Me Now (Paul Barrère/Lowell George/Martin Kibbee)
  • Brickyard Blues (Allen Toussaint)
  • All That You Dream (Paul Barrère/Bill Payne)
  • Down Below The Borderline (Lowell George)
  • Rockin' Shoes I & II (Lowell George)
  • Front Page News (Bill Payne)
  • High Roller (Paul Barrère)
  • Roll 'Em Easy (Lowell George)
  • Boogie Wigwam (Bill Payne)

Keith Godchaux co-wrote Six Feet Of Snow. The musicians on this track are;

  • Lowell George -guitars, vocals
  • Bill Payne - keyboards
  • Paul Barrère - guitars
  • Kenny Gradney - bass
  • Richie Hayward - drums, percussion
  • Sam Clayton - congas, percussion
  • Fred Tackett - guitars
  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow - steel guitar
The musicians on all the tracks of this compilation are as follows.

Little Feat members;

  • Lowell George - guitars, harmonica, saxophone, dulcimer, cowbells, vocals
  • Bill Payne - keyboards, accordion, marimba, vocals
  • Roy Estrada - bass, vocals
  • Richie Hayward - drums, percussion, vocals
  • Paul Barrère - guitars, dobro, dulcimer, harmonica, vocals
  • Kenny Gradney - bass, vocals
  • Sam Clayton - congas, percussion, vocals
  • Craig Fuller - guitars, button accordion, vocals
  • Fred Tackett - guitars, mandolin, dobro, trumpet, vocals
  • Shaun Murphy - percussion, vocals
Additional musicians;
  • Renee Armand - vocals
  • Peter Asher - dialog
  • Bonnie Bramlett - vocals
  • Michael Brecker - saxophones
  • Valerie Carter - vocals
  • Lenny Castro - percussion
  • Sharon Celani - vocals and dialog
  • Bill Charlton - bass
  • Paulinho Da Costa - percussion
  • Gordon DeWitty - clavinet
  • Robben Ford - acoustic guitar
  • Trett Fure - vocals
  • John Hall - guitar
  • Emmylou Harris - vocals
  • Milt Holland - percussion
  • Danny Hutton- vocals
  • Elliot Ingber - guitar
  • Gloria Jones- vocals
  • Martin Kibbee - bass
  • Warren Klein - guitars, dulcimer
  • Sneaky Pete Kleinow - steel guitar
  • Bobby LaKind - vocals
  • Nicolette Larson - vocals
  • Lee Lawler - vocals
  • Debbie Lindsey - vocals
  • Piero Mariani- electronic percussion
  • Marilyn Martin - vocals and dialog
  • Michael McDonald - vocals
  • Shaun Murphy - vocals
  • Neon Park - dialog
  • Dean Parks - acoustic guitar
  • Van Dyke Parks - accordion
  • Steve Porcaro - drums
  • Bonnie Raitt - vocals
  • David Sanborn - saxophone
  • Bonnie Sheridan - vocals
  • Patrick Simmons - vocals
  • Stephanie Spurville - vocals
  • Fran Tate - vocals
  • Joel Tepp - clarinet
  • Russ Titelman - percussion, vocals
  • Freddy White - drums
  • Denny Yeager - synthesizer programming
  • Frank Zappa - piano, vocals

  • Bob, Mary, Cheryl, Bill, George, Nate, Craig and Paul - new crowd dialogue, giggles and clinks
  • Tower Of Power Horn Section (Greg Adams - trumpet, Mic Gillette - trumpet, trombone, Lenny Pickett - alto saxophone, Emilio Castillo - tenor saxophone, Steve "Doc" Kupka - baritone saxophone
  • The Memphis Horns (Wayne Jackson - trumpet, Andrew Love - saxophone)
  • The Texicali Horns (Darrell Leonard - trumpet, Joe Sublett - tenor saxophone, David Woodford - tenor and baritone saxophones)

For the compilation;

  • Box set producers - Gary Peterson, Bill Payne, Paul Barrere
  • Executive producers - Tim Bernett, David McLees, Greg Geller
  • Associate producers - Brad Strickland, David Baker
  • Project coordination - Jo Motta
  • Tape vault research, discographical annotation - Gary Peterson
  • Remixing of some tracks on disc 4 - Brian Kehew, Bill Inglot
  • Remastering - Dan Hersch, Bill Inglot
  • Art direction - Shawn Amos
  • Design, illustration - Linda Gibbon, Dick Bangham
  • Paintings - Neon Park
  • Photography, archive material - Dave Nuttycombe, Al Sevilla, Chick Strand, Linda Gibbon, Wes Meyette, Shag (Lynne) Hearne, Michael Ochs Archive, Warner Pub. Photos, Martin Kibbee, Paul Barrere
Related releases

Six Feet Of Snow (and Down On The Farm) were originally released on;

The other tracks on this compilation are from the following sources.

Disc 1;

  • Strawberry Flats and Hamburger Midnight - from Little Feat, Little Feat, 1971, Warner Bros. WS-1890
  • Easy To Slip, Cold, Cold, Cold, Trouble, Tripe Face Boogie, Willin', Cat Fever and Sailin' Shoes - from Sailin' Shoes, Little Feat, 1972, Warner Bros. BS-2600
  • Dixie Chicken, Two Trains, Roll Um Easy, Fat Man In The Bathtub and Fool Yourself - from Dixie Chicken, Little Feat, 1973, Warner Bros. BS-2686
  • Spanish Moon, Rock And Roll Doctor, Oh Atlanta, Skin It Back and Feats Don't Fail Me Now - from Feats Don't Fail Me Now, Little Feat, 1974, Warner Bros. BS-2784
  • Mercenary Territory, All That You Dream, Long Distance Love and Day Or Night - from The Last Record Album, Little Feat, 1975, Warner Bros. BS-2884
Disc 2: 1976-1981;
  • Hi Roller, Time Loves A Hero, Rocket In My Pocket, Old Folks Boogie and Day At The Dog Races - from Time Loves A Hero, Little Feat, 1977, Warner Bros. BS-3015
  • Fat Man In The Bathtub, All That You Dream, Mercenary Territory and Spanish Moon - from aiting For Columbus, Little Feat, 1978, Warner Bros. BS-3140
  • 20 Million Things - from Thanks I'll Eat It Here, Lowell George, 1979, Warner Bros. BSK-3194
  • Down On The Farm and Six Feet Of Snow - from Down On The Farm, Little Feat, 1979, Warner Bros. HS-3345
  • Gringo, Lonesome Whistle, Front Page News, The Fan and Red Streamliner - from Hoy-Hoy!, Little Feat, 1981, Warner Bros. 2BSK-3538
  • Teenage Nervous Breakdown - previously unissued live recording from 1976
Disc 3: 1988-1998;
  • Hate To Lose Your Lovin', Let It Roll and Hangin' On To The Good Times - from Let It Roll, Little Feat, 1988, Warner Bros. 25750
  • Rad Gumbo, Texas Twister, Representing The Mambo and The Ingenue - from Representing The Mambo, Little Feat, 1990, Warner Bros. 26163
  • Shake Me Up and Things Happen - from Shake Me Up, Little Feat, 1991, Morgan Creek 20005
  • Borderline Blues, Cadillac Hotel and Ain't Had Enough Fun - from Ain't Had Enough Fun, Little Feat, 1995, Zoo/BMG 11097
  • Can't Be Satisfied/They're Red Hot (Hot Tamales) - from Live From Neon Park, Little Feat, 1996, Zoo/BMG 11129
  • Home Ground, The Blues Don't Tell It All and Eden's Wall - from Under The Radar, Little Feat, 1998, CMC Int'l/BMG 86253
Disc 4: Studio Artifacts;
  • Lightning-Rod Man ?, Crack In Your Door, Teenage Nervous Breakdown and Juliet - from Lightning-Rod Man, Lowell George & The Factory, 1993, Bizarre/Straight 71563
  • Jazz Thing In 10 - previously unreleased recording from 1969
  • Rat Faced Dog, Doglines and Wait Till The Shit Hits The Fan - previously unreleased recordings from 1970
  • Easy To Fall (Easy To Slip), Texas Rose Café, Doriville and Boogie (Tripe Face Boogie) - previously unreleased recordings from 1971
  • Two Trains, Roto/Tone, Ace In The Hole (Hi Roller) and Eldorado Slim - previously unreleased recordings from 1972
  • Feats Don't Fail Me Now, Brickyard Blues and All That You Dream - previously unreleased recordings from 1974
  • Down Below The Borderline and Rockin' Shoes I & II - previously unreleased recordings from 1974 or 1975
  • Front Page News and High Roller - previously unreleased recordings from 1975
  • Roll 'Em Easy - previously unreleased recording from 1976
  • Boogie Wigwam - previously unreleased recording from 1979
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