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Eternity Blue

Henry Kaiser

Initial release : 1995

Shanachie 6016

"...Henry Kaiser and his friends celebrate Garcia's visionary music...". Tom Constanten plays on this album.


  • Mason's Children (Garcia/Hunter/Lesh/Weir)
  • High Time (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Blues For Allah (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Cold Rain And Snow (Traditional)
  • Dark Star/A Love Supreme/Dark Star (Garcia / Hart / Hunter / Kreutzmann / Lesh / McKernan / Weir) and (John Coltrane)
  • Blue Eternity (Bralove/Kaiser)
  • Brokedown Palace (Garcia/Hunter)

  • Henry Kaiser - guitar
  • Bruce Anderson - guitar
  • Bob Bralove - synthesizer, piano
  • Danny Carnahan - guitar, vocals, cittern
  • Tom Constanten - organ, piano
  • Marilyn Crispell - piano
  • David Gans - guitar, vocals
  • Hilary Hanes - bass, vocals
  • John Hanes - drums
  • Ngoc Lam - danh tranh
  • Gary Lambert - bass
  • Diana Mangano - vocals
  • John McCain - guitar
  • Mark McQuade-Crawford - drums
  • Robin Petrie - vocals, hammered dulcimer
  • Cary Sheldon - vocals

  • Producer - Henry Kaiser
  • Engineer - Oliver DiCicco, Christian Jones, Bob Shumaker
  • Mastering - Paul Stubblebine
  • Art direction - Joan Pelosi
  • Photography - Victoria Jensen, Alfred Li, Norbert Wu
  • Liner Notes - Henry Kaiser

The CD booklet contains two photographs of Garcia diving. One holding a puffer and one face to face with a turtle.

All artist royalties from this recording were donated to the Eyes Of Chaos Foundation which was founded by Phil Lesh, Gary Lambert and David Gans in 1994 to 'foster the creation and exposure of new music.'

The back cover of the CD includes the following text;

In addition to being a rocking conduit of bittersweet Americana, Jerry Garcia (1942-1995) was one of his generations foremost improvisers and composers. On Eternity Blue, award-winning, experimental guitarist Henry Kaiser and his friends celebrate Garcia's visionary music with beautiful and unusual versions of Grateful Dead classics and more.
Henry Kaiser's notes in the CD booklet summarise his listening relationship to the Grateful Dead and the musical values that he has inherited from that relationship. He starts by saying;
I didn't start playing guitar until I was 20 years old, in 1972. By then I had been exposed to the Grateful Dead, in concert and on record, for six years. A lot of my musical values (as opposed to style and content) developed from unconciously emulating the Dead, who was probably my favourite band.
Henry Kaiser finishes his notes in the CD booklet by saying;
This recording is a personal appreciation and celebration of what Garcia and his music has meant to me.
Related releases

Three other Henry Kaiser recordings include covers of Grateful Dead songs;

Eternity Blue is a compilation of newly recorded pieces and pieces taken from earlier Henry Kaiser albums;
  • Mason's Children - alternate unissued take from the recording sessions for Those Who Know History Are Doomed To Repeat It, Henry Kaiser, 1989
  • Blues For Allah - recorded live in 1990 by the Henry Kaiser Quartet plus Marilyn Crispell
  • Cold Rain And Snow - from Hope You Like Our New Direction, Henry Kaiser, 1991, Reckless RECK 21
  • Dark Star/A Love Supreme/Dark Star - from Heart's Desire, Henry Kaiser, 1990
  • High Time, Blue Eternity and Brokedown Palace recorded in 1995 for this CD
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