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Heart's Desire

Henry Kaiser

Initial release : 1990

Reckless Records 19

This live album from the Henry Kaiser Band with Tom Constanten on keyboards includes a version of Dark Star and of a Constanten composition. Tom Constanten plays on the album. Released on CD and LP with slightly differing contents.


The CD contents are;

  • Dark Star (Garcia/Hart/Hunter/Kreutzmann/Lesh/McKernan)
  • River's Edge (Anderson)
  • The Fishin' Hole (Hagen/Sloane/Spencer)
  • Anyone Who Had A Heart (Bacharach/David)
  • Losing Hand (Calhoun)
  • Don't Let A Thief Steal Into You Heart (Thompson)
  • Nr. 2 Klavierstuck III (Stockhausen)
  • Are You Experienced? (Hendrix)
  • The Loner (Young)
  • Flavor Bud Living (Van Vliet)
  • Ballad Of Shane Muscatell (Constanten)
  • King Harvest (Has Surely Come) (Robertson)
  • Black Light (Anderson/Kaiser)
  • Buried Treasure (Hanes)
  • Never Again (Anderson)
The LP releases also included;
  • San Andreas Stomp (Constanten)

The Henry Kaiser Band;

  • Bruce Anderson - guitar, vocals
  • Tom Constanten - keyboards, vocals
  • Hilary Hanes - bass, vocals
  • John Hanes - drums
  • Henry Kaiser - guitar
  • Cary Sheldon - vocals
Additional musicians on The Loner;
  • Greg Gumbel - guitar, vocals
  • Mark McQuade-Crawford - drums

  • Producer - Henry Kaiser
  • Engineer - Robert Shumaker with Oliver Di Cicco
  • Assistant engineer - Damon Fries
  • Package design - David B. Greenberger
  • Fractals courtesy of Art Matrix, Ithaca
  • Liner notes - Henry Kaiser
  • Many thanks to - Linda McDonagh, Dave Millington, Dave Fleming, Jim Viet, KDVS, Mark Kimble, Denny Jaeger, Terry Tolkin and the Palms audience

  • Recorded live to two-track digital on October 21 and 22, 1989 at The Palms in Davis, California
Related releases

One Henry Kaiser album celebrates the music of the Grateful Dead, particularly Garcia, and includes two photographs of Garcia diving in the CD liner. This album also includes a number of Grateful Dead songs;

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