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Grateful Dead Records Collection

Grateful Dead

Initial release : 2017

Grateful Dead / Rhino

A limited edition 5 LP set that combines the four Grateful Dead albums that were released on Grateful Dead Records between 1973 and 1976: Wake Of The Flood; From The Mars Hotel; Blues For Allah and Steal Your Face. This set was released on Record Store Day in November 2017. A digital versions was subsequently released.


LP 1: Wake Of The Flood:

  • Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Let Me Sing Your Blues Away (Hunter/K. Godchaux)
  • Row Jimmy (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Stella Blue (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Here Comes Sunshine (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Eyes Of The World (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Weather Report Suite
    - Prelude (Weir)
    - Part 1 (Weir/Andersen)
    - Part 2 - Let It Grow (Weir/Barlow)
LP 2: From The Mars Hotel:
  • U.S. Blues (Hunter/Garcia)
  • China Doll (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Unbroken Chain (Lesh/Peterson)
  • Loose Lucy (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Scarlet Begonias (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Pride Of Cucamonga (Lesh/Peterson)
  • Money Money (Weir/Barlow)
  • Ship Of Fools (Hunter/Garcia)
LP 3: Blues For Allah:
  • Help On The Way (Hunter / Garcia)
  • Slipknot! (Garcia / K.Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Weir)
  • Franklin's Tower (Hunter / Garcia)
  • King Solomon's Marbles
  • Stronger Than Dirt Or Milkin' The Turkey (Hart / Kreutzmann / Lesh)
  • The Music Never Stopped (Weir / Barlow)
  • Crazy Fingers (Hunter / Garcia)
  • Sage and Spirit (Weir)
  • Blues For Allah (Hunter / Garcia)
  • Sand Castles and Glass Camels (Garcia / K.Godchaux / D.Godchaux / Kreutzmann / Lesh / Weir)
  • Unusual Occurrences In The Desert (Hunter / Garcia)
LP 4: Steal Your Face:
  • Promised Land (Chuck Berry)
  • Cold Rain and Snow (Traditional arr. Grateful Dead)
  • Around And Around (Chuck Berry)
  • Stella Blue (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Ship Of Fools (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Beat It On Down The Line (Jesse Fuller)
LP 5: Steal Your Face:
  • Big River (Cash)
  • Black-Throated Wind (Weir/Barlow)
  • U.S. Blues (Hunter/Garcia)
  • El Paso (Marty Robbins)
  • Sugaree (Hunter/Garcia)
  • It Must Have Been The Roses (Hunter)
  • Casey Jones (Hunter/Garcia)
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This set brings together the four albums:

A digital version of this set was released in 2018:
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