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Wake Of The Flood

Grateful Dead

Initial release : October 15, 1973

Grateful Dead Records GD-01

The Dead's first release on their newly formed record label.


  • Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Let Me Sing Your Blues Away (Hunter/K. Godchaux)
  • Row Jimmy (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Stella Blue (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Here Comes Sunshine (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Eyes Of The World (Hunter/Garcia)
  • Weather Report Suite
    - Prelude (Weir)
    - Part 1 (Weir/Andersen)
    - Part 2 - Let It Grow (Weir/Barlow)
Bonus tracks on CD version released in the Beyond Description box set in 2004 and as a separate CD in 2006;
  • Eyes Of The World (Hunter / Garcia) - Live Uniondale, 9/7/73
  • Weather Report Suite - Studio acoustic demo, 8/4/73
    - Prelude (Weir)
    - Part 1 (Weir / Andersen)
    - Part 2 - Let It Grow (Weir / Barlow)
  • China Doll (Hunter / Garcia) - Studio outtake, 8/8/73

Grateful Dead;

  • Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
  • Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
  • Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
  • Keith Godchaux - keyboards, vocals
  • Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
  • Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Additional musicians;
  • Bill Atwood - trumpet
  • Vassar Clements - violin
  • Joe Ellis - trumpet
  • Martin Fierro - alto and tenor saxophones
  • Sarah Fulcher - vocals
  • Matthew Kelly - harmonica
  • Frank Morin - tenor saxophone
  • Pat O'Hara - trombone
  • Doug Sahm - 12-string guitar
  • Benny Velarde - timbales

  • Producer - Grateful Dead
  • Engineer - Dan Healy
  • Second engineer - Tom Anderson
  • Artwork - Rick Griffin
  • Recorded at Record Plant, Sausalito, CA, 8/6/73 - 8/15/73

After the end of their contract with Warner Brothers the Grateful Dead set up their own record companies; Grateful Dead records for Grateful Dead albums and Round Records for solo projects.

Wake Of The Flood, the first release on the new label was announced to fans via a leaflet to Dead Heads;

We've decided to produce, manufacture, and distribute our records ourselves. The band today finished recording of an all-new studio album (been a long time) called Wake Of The Flood. The album will be made from the highest quality vinyl available, which has the best technical properties. In addition, it will be heavier (weighs more, that is) than most albums available in this country. It will be handled locally through independent record distributors and should be available everywhere.
Related releases

Two singles were released in conjunction with this LP;

Wake Of The Flood was repackaged together with From The Mars Hotel as a double LP; A remastered, expanded version of Wake Of The Flood was included in the box set; This remastered, expanded version was released as a single CD in 2006.

Issued on CD in 1988 by Grateful Dead Records GDCD 4002.

All tracks from Wake Of The Flood were included on the digital release;

Wake Of The Flood was included in the box set;
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