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Grateful Dawg: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Jerry Garcia / David Grisman / Various Artists

Initial release : 2001

Acoustic Disc 46

CD release of music from the soundtrack of the movie Grateful Dawg. The majority of the music is from a Garcia/Grisman show. Also includes a previously released Old & In The Way track and tracks by musicians who influenced Garcia and Grisman.

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  • Intro
  • Grateful Dawg (Garcia/Grisman)
  • Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional)
  • Sweet Sunny South (Traditional)
  • Old and in the Way Intro
  • Pig in a Pen (Traditional)
  • Dawg's Waltz (Grisman)
  • Sitting Here in Limbo (Bright/Chambers)
  • Off to Sea Once More (Traditional)
  • Off to Sea Once More (Traditional)
  • Jenny Jenkins (Traditional)
  • Arabia (Grisman)
  • The Thrill is Gone (Darnell/Hawkins)
  • Friend of the Devil (Dawson/Garcia/Hunter)
  • Grateful Dawg (Studio) (Garcia/Grisman)

All tracks except 3 and 9;

  • Jerry Garcia - guitar, banjo, vocals
  • David Grisman - mandolin, mandola, banjo, vocals
On tracks 2, 4, 8, 12 and 14, plus;
  • Joe Craven - violin, percussion
  • Jim Kerwin - bass
On track 5 and 6, plus;
  • Peter Rowan - guitar, vocals, introduction
  • Vassar Clements - fiddle
  • John Kahn - bass
Two tracks to do involve Garcia and Grisman;
  • Wayfaring Stranger - Bill Monroe and his Blue Grass Boys (featuring Peter Rowan and Richard Greene)
  • Off to Sea Once More (first version) - Ewan McColl

  • Producer - David Grisman for Dawg Productions
  • Executive Producer - Craig Miller
  • Recording engineer - John Cutler, David Dennison, Owsley Stanley
  • Mixing - David Dennison
  • Mastering - Paul Stubblebine
  • Photography - Sheldan Collins, David Gahr, Nobuharu Komoriya, Susana Millman, Gary Nichols, Alice G Patterson, Pamela Rice, Jon Sievert
  • Design and layout - D. Brent Hauseman
  • Liner notes - Gillian Grisman
  • Special thanks to Marcie Baeza, Josh Baron, Tom Bernard, Rob Bleetstein, John Brittingham, Diane Buck, Latty Cumings, Jack Crymes, Tom Efinger, Deborah Koons Garcia, Gillian Grisman, Pam Grisman, Harpo, Dexter Johnson, Susan Kerner, Justin Kreutzmann, Dylan Liner, Rob Lyons, Mike Moser, Nicole Page, Carmelo Pirrone, Artie & Harriet Rose, Alicia Sams, Mark Simon, Micaheal & Marcie at SPC and D'Addario Strings
Sources / Related releases

The Intro, Grateful Dawg (live), Sweet Sunny South, Sitting Here In Limbo, Arabia and Friend Of The Devil were recorded live at the Warfield Theater, San Francisco on December 7, 1991.

Dawg's Waltz and the Garcia/Grisman version of Off To Sea Once More were recorded live at Sweetwater, Mill Valley in December 1990.

Jenny Jenkins, The Thrill Is Gone and the studio version of Grateful Dawg were recorded at David Grisman's Dawg Studios.

Pig in a Pen was recorded at the Boarding House, San Francisco in October 1973. That and the Old & In The Way introduction were previously released on;

The Bill Monroe track has previously been released by Smithsonian Folkways Records.

The Ewan McColl track has previously been released by Fantasy Records.

The Grateful Dawg film has been released on DVD and video.