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Hart & Sole

Mickey Hart

Initial release : 2000

This promotional release includes two tracks from Spirit Into Sound and one previously unissued track. This CD was given away with Birkenstock footwear.


  • Two tracks from Spirit Into Sound
  • Shadow of the Condor
  • Enhanced CD contents - website links and video material


The musicians on Spirit Into Sound are;

  • Mickey Hart - percussion
  • Rebeca Mauleon - percussion, vocals
  • Bobi Cespedes - vocals
  • Rahsaan Fredricks - bass
  • Zakir Hussain - percussion
  • Ustand Sultan Khan - sarangi
  • Hardon Tahir - forest zone
  • Bob Weir - acoustic guitar

For the original recording of Spirit Into Sound;

  • Producer - Mickey Hart
  • Recording, mixing - Tom Flye
  • Mixdown Engineer - Jeffery Norman
  • Digital Mastering - Tom Flye, Jeffery Norman
  • Pro Tools Operator - Kevin Sellers
  • ComputerProgramming - Haroon Tahir, Roy Finch, Matt Jepsen
  • Technical Support - Jack Crymes
  • Recorded at Studio X
  • Mixed and Mastered at Club Front

Hart & Sole was given during a limited period to purchasers of Birkenstock footwear.

Some of the profits from the partnership between Birkenstock and Mickey Hart will benefit LandPaths, a non-profit organization based in Northern California and dedicated to preserving open lands for public use.

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