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Spirit Into Sound

Mickey Hart

Initial release : January 2000

Grateful Dead Records 4071

Mickey Hart percussion based album with a 'new age' flavor to some tracks. All but one of the tracks are written and performed by Hart and Rebeca Mauleon with guests.

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  • Amazon Nguni (Mickey Hart / Rebeca Mauleon)
  • Sueno Tropicale (Mickey Hart / Rebeca Mauleon)
  • Cloud Moss (Mickey Hart / Rebeca Mauleon)
  • Funky Peru (Mickey Hart / Rebeca Mauleon)
  • Shambolaya (Mickey Hart / Rebeca Mauleon)
  • Lizard Dance (Mickey Hart / Rebeca Mauleon)
  • Nature Talk (Mickey Hart / Rebeca Mauleon)
  • Elephant Walk (Mickey Hart / Rebeca Mauleon)
  • Chroma (Mickey Hart / Rebeca Mauleon)
  • Hidden Beach (Mickey Hart / Rebeca Mauleon)
  • Native Sun (Mickey Hart / Rebeca Mauleon)
  • Indian Night (Mickey Hart / Zakir Hussain / Ustad Sultan Khan)
Enhanced CD
  • Video interview of Mickey Hart
  • Spirit into Sound web link.

The musicians involved on this album are;

  • Mickey Hart - bhodran, wood blocks, hoop drum, bells, finger snaps, pony drum, side stick, bamboo tubes, guntang, balafon, large bass drum, metal guiro, mbira, flute, udu, conga, shakers, triangle, wood, nepalese madal, congalita, jegogan, bata, berimbau, bamboo, shekere, bird whistles, forest zone, kempli, agogo, quica, hand claps, tar, gong, door stops, ghatam, trompong
  • Rebeca Mauleon - traps, ocarina, steel drums, conga, pan flute, music box, balafon, gourds, kalimba, xylophone, droplets, jew's harp, flutes, dream pad, bells, bamboo, berimbau, caroling bells, body percussion, englehart bells, prepared piano, water drop, udu, bells, gong, glass harp, conch shell, madals, bass, kalimbas, vocals

  • Bobi Cespedes - vocals
  • Rahsaan Fredricks - bass
  • Zakir Hussain - djembe, duggi tarang, bata, kendang, def drum, kanjira, tabla
  • Ustand Sultan Khan - sarangi
  • Hardon Tahir - forest zone
  • Bob Weir - acoustic guitar
The CD booklet provides musician information for each track.

Amazon Nguni;

  • Mickey Hart - bhodran, wood blocks, hoop drum, bells
  • Rebeca Mauleon - traps, ocarina, steel drums, conga, pan flute, music box, balafon
  • Zakir Hussain - djembe, duggi tarang
  • Rahsaan Fredricks - bass
Sueno Tropicale;
  • Mickey Hart - finger snaps, pony drum, side stick
  • Rebeca Mauleon - gourds, vocals
  • Zakir Hussain - bata
  • Bob Weir - acoustic guitar
Cloud Moss;
  • Mickey Hart - bamboo tubes, guntang, balafon, large bass drum, metal guiro, mbira, flute
  • Rebeca Mauleon - kalimba, xylophone, droplets, jew's harp
  • Bobi Cespedes - vocals
Funky Peru;
  • Mickey Hart - udu, conga, shakers, triangle, wood
  • Rebeca Mauleon - traps, balafon, flutes, dream pad
  • Rahsaan Fredricks - bass
  • Mickey Hart - nepalese madal, congalita, jegogan, bata, berimbau
  • Rebeca Mauleon - vocals
  • Zakir Hussain - kendang
Lizard Dance;
  • Mickey Hart - bamboo, udu, shekere, shakers
  • Rebeca Mauleon - bells, bamboo, flutes, jew's harp, berimbau, ocarina, caroling bells
  • Zakir Hussain - def drum
Nature Talk;
  • Mickey Hart - guntang, bird whistles, forest zone, kempli, agogo, quica, hand claps
  • Rebeca Mauleon - body percussion, englehart bells, vocals
  • Zakir Hussain - kanjira
  • Hardon Tahir - forest zone
Elephant Walk;
  • Mickey Hart - tar
  • Rebeca Mauleon - prepared piano, pan flute, water drop
  • Mickey Hart - hoop drum, gong, shakers, wood block
  • Rebeca Mauleon - udu, gourds, conga, bells, gong, glass harp, berimbau, vocals
  • Rahsaan Fredricks - bass
Hidden Beach;
  • Mickey Hart - bhodran, door stops, shakers, ghatam
  • Rebeca Mauleon - conch shell, madals, vocals
  • Zakir Hussain - bata
Native Sun;
  • Mickey Hart - udu, shekere, gong
  • Rebeca Mauleon - trap set, bass, ocarina, balafon, xylophones, flutes, conga, kalimbas
Indian Night;
  • Mickey Hart - trompong, gong, large bass drum
  • Zakir Hussain - tabla
  • Ustand Sultan Khan - sarangi

  • Producer - Mickey Hart
  • Recording, mixing - Tom Flye
  • Mixdown Engineer - Jeffery Norman
  • Digital Mastering - Tom Flye, Jeffery Norman
  • Pro Tools Operator - Kevin Sellers
  • ComputerProgramming - Haroon Tahir, Roy Finch, Matt Jepsen
  • Technical Support - Jack Crymes
  • Production Managment - Howard Cohen for 360Productions
  • Package Design - Margie Nelte, Howard Cohen
  • Cover Illustration - Chris Pinkerton, Mackerel Graphic Design
  • Cover Design - Michael Quinn, Acid Test Productions
  • Editorial Assistance - Caryl Hart
  • Enthnomusicology Consultant - Fredric Lieberman
  • Legal Matters - Eric Doney

  • Recorded at Studio X
  • Mixed and Mastered at Club Front
  • Kona Waves on Hidden Beach recorded by - Mickey Hart, Caryl Hart

  • Thanks to - Reya Hart, Manolo and Alex Santana, John and Helen meyer, Peter McQuaid, Nancy Mallonee, Denis McNally, David Gross, Lois Cohen, Barbara Horn, Ana Rosa Robles, Tony Radogna, David Lemieux, Cameron Sears, Ramrod, Steve Parish, Gene Cornelius, Zac Allentuck
The album is dedicated as follows;
In memory of Dick Latvala, a great lover of music.

Spirit Into Sound was released in conjunction with the book, Spirit Into Sound: The Magic Of Music by Mickey Hart and Frederick Lieberman.

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Two tracks from Spirit Into Sound (not sure which) plus a previously unissued track were released on a promotional CD that was given away to those purchasing Birkenstock footwear;