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Hell 3: New Axes To Grind

The Hellecasters

Initial release : 1997

Pharoah 7003

Includes one song, Mr Natural which is a tribute to the Dead and their groove.


  • T.W.P.P.T. (Jorgenson / Ray / Donahue)
  • Riddler`s Journey (Donahue)
  • Ghosts Of 42nd Street (Jorgenson / Ray / Donahue)
  • Mist Beyond Delhi (Ray)
  • Almost Dawn (Donahue)
  • Mad Cows At Ease (Ray)
  • As We Know It (Jorgenson)
  • Mr. Natural (Ray)
  • Deiter`s Lounge (Jorgenson)
  • Breaking Through (Donahue)

  • John Jorgenson - guitar, synthesizer, organ, bandurilla, bass, keyboards, electric mandolin, ARP, drum programming
  • Jerry Donahue - guitar, synthesizer, coral sitar
  • Will Ray - guitar, sitar, dobro

  • Dennis Belfield - bass
  • Bob Birch - bass
  • Steve Duncan - drums, percussion
  • Charlie Morgan - drums, loop programming
  • John Hobbs - piano
  • Guy Babylon - keyboards

  • Producer, arranger - The Hellecasters
  • Engineer - John Jorgenson, Will Ray, Jerry Donahue, Pete Lewis, Andy Green
  • Mixing, Mastering - Michael McDonald, Hellecasters
  • Art direction, design - Ilene Weingard for I design
  • Photography - Nathaniel Welch, John Ford
  • Liner notes - Del Breckenfeld
  • Recorded at Jorgenson Studios, Hollywood; Rambo Studios, Burbank; Irs, Hollywood
  • Mixed and mastered at Private Island, Hollywood

Mr Natural was written by Will Ray who commented on the song;

Two big influences on me were cartoonist Robert Crumb and the Grateful Dead. Here I tried to capture the la vibe of both.
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