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Minor Disturbance EP

Teen Idles

Initial release : December 1980


This EP includes a song called Deadhead.


  • Teen Idles
  • Sneakers
  • Get Up and Go
  • Deadhead
  • Fleeting Fury
  • Fiorucci Nightmare
  • Getting in My Way
  • Too Young to Rock

  • Nathan Strejcek - vocals
  • Geordie Grindle- guitar
  • Ian MacKaye - bass
  • Jeff Nelson - drums

  • Producer - Skip Groff
  • Recorded at Inner Ear

The lyrics of Deadhead are roughly as follows;

Deadhead, deadhead, take another toke
Deadhead, deadhead, you're a lousy joke
Friend of the devil, who you trying to kid?
Friends of the devil are dead like Sid

I'll be grateful when you're dead
I'll be grateful when you're dead
I'll be grateful when you're dead
So don't stick around too long

Riding that train high on cocaine
The music's really lousy, the fans are a pain
Troubles behind, troubles ahead
The only good deadhead is one that's dead

Related releases

All of this EP was included on the Dischord compilation;