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The Music Of The Grateful Dead And Beyond

Joe Gallant and Illuminati

Initial release : 1997

Relix 2085

Grateful Dead tribute album that includes five Grateful Dead songs.

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  • Hard To Handle (Redding / Jones / Isbell)
  • West L.A. Fadeaway (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Feel Like a Stranger (Barlow / Weir)
  • Bird Song (Garcia / Hunter)
  • Vista (Gallant)
  • Corrina (Weir / Hart / Hunter)
  • Bird Song (Garcia / Hunter)
  • The Ocean (Page / Plant / Jones / Bonham)

  • Jenna Mammina - voice
  • Tony Mammina - voice
  • Todd Reynolds - violin
  • Elizabeth Knowles - violin
  • Robin Bonnell - cello
  • Catherine Bent - cello
  • Rob Henke - trumpet
  • Barbara Cifelli - soprano saxophone
  • Jody Espina - alto saxophone
  • John Isley - tenor saxophne
  • Bob Hovey - trombone
  • Rolf Sturm - guitar
  • Rob Wolfson - guitar, voice
  • Adam Klippel - piano
  • Diana Herold - percussion, vibraphone
  • Joe Gallant - contrabass guitar
  • Grisha Alexiev - drums

  • Producer - Michael Falzarano, Joe Gallant
  • Executive producer - Leslie D Kippel
  • Recordist - Alen Hadzi Stefanov
  • House sound engineer - Jon Harris
  • Pro-Tools editor - Jon Wolfson
  • Master of communications - Sherry Sontag
  • Band photo - Che Graham
  • Joe photo - Lisa ShaftelChe Graham
  • The Joe Gallant-Illuminati "winged eyeball" motif courtesy of Jeff Rutherford, Deluxe Engraving & Screen Print Service, Inc and Norm & Sandy Ruth, Terrapin Trailways, Rio Rancho
  • Liner notes - Joe Gallant
  • This chapter is dedicated to Boris Rayskin
  • Thanks - Evan Gallagher, Che Graham, Alen Hadzi Stefanov, Jon Harris, Alec Head, Michael Falzarano, David Randall, Robert Rosenblatt, Gigi Knijenburg, Sherry Sontag, Ben and Jeanette Kremen, Helen, Suzanne-Marie and Nina Claire Gallant, Marianne Giosa, Harry Koenigsberg, Steve Gertzman, Elaine Molinaro, Little Carrie Weinstein, Tony Mammina, Rob Wolfson, Ellen Christi, Papa Ben, Gabba Light and the Garber St. Boys, Toni A. Brown, Les Kippel, Lisa Shaftel, Rob "Rambori" Ahrens, Michael Golds, The California Band, Harry Poppick, Bob Bralove, Tom Constanten, Joel Haber, Toby Poser, Frank Grillo and the G.L. Gang, Beth B., Phil Lesh for ongoing inspiration, and the good ol' Grateful Dead

This album was withdrawn shortly after release at the request of the Grateful Dead organisation.

It was subsequently reissued in 1999.

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