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Music to Be Born By

Mickey Hart

Initial release : 1989


Music to be used during 'the birthing process'.


  • Music to Be Born By (Hart/Hart/Hart/Vega)

  • Mickey Hart - percussion
  • Taro S. Hart - heartbeat
  • Mary Holloway Hart
  • Bobby Vega - bass, bass guitar
  • Steve Douglas - flute

  • Producer - Mickey Hart
  • Engineer - Mickey Hart, Tom Flye, John Cutler
  • Remixing - Tom Flye
  • Liner Notes - Mickey Hart
  • Remixing Assistant - Jeff Sterling
  • Artwork - Steven Jurgensmeyer

From Rykodisc information:

"This music was composed specifically for the birth of Mickey's son Taro, and is intended to be used during the birthing process. Taro's fetal heartbeat was recorded on a Nagra portable field recorder, with a fetal pulse monitor attached to his mother's stomach. Back in the studio, the stereo tape was then transferred to a 16-track recorder and overdubbed.
Mickey Hart described the purpose of this album as follows:
"The intent of this music is to facilitate and coordinate rhythmic breathing cycles, assisting the mother's concentration and focus before, during and after delivery."
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