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Johnny Winter

Initial release : 1992?

Relix 2045

Archive material from 1963-1968.

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  • Hook You (Winter)
  • Hello My Lover (Kador Jr.)
  • Half A Pint (Winter)
  • Careful With A Fool (Winter)
  • Bad News (Loudermilk)
  • Bad News (Loudermilk)
  • Bad News (Loudermilk)
  • Eternally (Winter)
  • Parchman Farm (Allison)
  • Voodoo Twist (Winter)
  • I Had To Cry (Ames)
  • Night Ride (Winter)
  • Kind Hearted Woman (Winter)
  • Leaving Blues (Winter)
  • How Do You Live A Lie (Winter)
  • Lost Without You (Winter)
  • Rockin' Pneumonia (Smith)


  • Johnny Winter - guitar, vocals
  • John Turner - bass
  • Sweat - bass
  • Norman Samaha - drums
  • David Holiday - guitar
  • Edgar Winter
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