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Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter

Initial release : 2000

Relix 9111

Four CD box set comprising four Johnny Winter CDs that had previously been released as single CDs by Relix.

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Disc 1

  • Louie, Louie (Barry)
  • We Go Back to Quite a Ways (Foster/Rice)
  • Busted in Austin (Sweat)
  • Ease My Pain (Winter)
  • Don't Hide It (Boynton/Winter/Winter)
  • You'll Be the Death of Me (Winter)
  • Fallin' in Love (Watson)
  • Stay by My Side (Ballard/Green)
  • A Jack Daniel's Kind of Day (Linard)
  • Shed So Many Tears (Anderson/Shuler)
  • Gangster of Love (Watson)
  • Oakie Doakie Stomp (Brown)
  • Who Dunnit (Chamberiah/Winter)
  • Come Back Baby (LaCroix/Reeder/Winter)
  • The Guy You Left Behind (Mizzell/Winter)
  • Bad News (Loudermilk)
  • Broke and Lonely (Winter)
Disc 2
  • Hook You (Winter)
  • Hello My Lover (Kador)
  • Half a Pint (Winter)
  • Careful With a Fool (Winter)
  • Bad News-Unissued Take (Loudermilk)
  • Bad News-Issued Take (Loudermilk)
  • Bad News-Alternative Version (Loudermilk)
  • Eternally (Winter)
  • Parchman Farm-Unissued Version (Allison)
  • Voo Doo Twist (Winter)
  • I Had to Cry (Ames)
  • Night Ride (Winter)
  • Kind Hearted Woman (Winter)
  • Leaving Blues-Unissued Take (Winter)
  • How Do You Live a Lie (Winter)
  • Lost Without You (Winter)
  • Rockin' Pneumonia (Traditional)
Disc 3
  • E.Z. Rider (Anon/Traditional)
  • Walking by Myself (Rogers)
  • Mother Earth (Anonymous)
  • Boney Maroney (Williams)
  • Busted in Austin (Sweat)
  • Messing With the Kid (Wells)
  • I Can't Make It by Myself (Winter)
  • Johnny B Goode (Berry)
  • It's All over Now (Jagger/Richards)
  • Jumping Jack Flash (Jagger/Richards)
Disc 4
  • Late on Blues (Johnson)
  • Loudmouth (Johnson)
  • Lien on Your Body (Johnson)
  • Once I Had a Woman (Johnson)
  • Take My Choice (Johnson)
  • Unwelcome in Your Town (Johnson)
  • Gangster of Love (Watson)
  • Alone in My Bedroom (Johnson)
  • Hootchie Cootchie Man (Dixon)
  • Moth Balls (Winter)
  • She's Mine (Johnson)
  • Unsatisfied Mind (Johnson)
  • Rock Me Baby (King)

Disc 1 was originally issued as A Lone Star Kind Of Day. The musicians on that CD included;

  • Johnny Winter
  • Edgar Winter
  • Ike Sweat
Disc 2 was originally issued as Nightrider. The musicians on that released included;
  • Johnny Winter - guitar, vocals
  • John Turner - bass
  • Sweat - bass
  • Norman Samaha - drums
  • David Holiday - guitar
  • Edgar Winter
Disc 3 was originally issued as Walking By Myself. The musician on that CD were;
  • Johnny Winter - guitar, vocals
  • Uncle John Turner - drums
  • I.P.Sweat - bass
  • Pat Ramsey - harp
  • Pat Rush - guitar
Disc 4 was originally issued as Blues To The Bone. The musicians on that CD included;
  • Johnny Winter - guitar, vocals
  • Calvin "Loudmouth" Johnson
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