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OGD EP plus San Fran666co Bootleg

Old Grandad

Initial release : 1997

Hectic Records

The second Old Grandad album, made up of two previously released EPs, includes a live version of a song called Don't Call Me A Deadhead.


  • I'm Frying On Acid
  • Fear
  • All Calls In Daze
  • The Other Red Meat
  • The Highs That Bind
  • Blatant Drug Song
  • Medieval Weaponry Control & You
  • Urine Angel
  • Bovine
  • No Hell To Fear
  • Don't Call Me A Deadhead

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Related releases

Tracks 1 to 5 were originally released on;

  • OGD EP, Old Grandad, 199?
Tracks 6 to 11 are live recordings originally released on;
  • San Fran666co Bootleg, Old Grandad, 199?
A studio version of Don't Call Me A Deadhead has been released on;