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Original Gold

Huey Lewis & The News

Initial release : 2000

Original Gold 85776

This repackaging of two original albums includes the Huey Lewis & The News album Fore which includes a cover of the Hornsby song Jacob's Ladder.

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  • Do You Believe in Love (Lange)
  • Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do (Duke)
  • Working for a Living (Cippllina/Colla/Gibson/Hayes/Hopper/Lewis)
  • Some of My Lies Are True (Cippllina/Colla/Gibson/Hayes/Hopper/Lewis)
  • Trouble in Paradise (Cippllina/Colla/Gibson/Hayes/Hopper/Lewis)
  • Stop Trying (Cippllina/Colla/Gibson/Hayes/Hopper/Lewis)
  • Hearts (Cippllina/Colla/Gibson/Hayes/Hopper/Lewis)
  • Who Cares? (Cippllina/Colla/Gibson/Hayes/Hopper/Lewis)
  • Tattoo (Giving It All up for Love) (Lynott)
  • Only One (Colla/Gibson/Lewis)
  • Change of Heart (Hayes/Lewis)
  • Don't Make Me Do It (Cippllina/Colla/Gibson/Hayes/Hopper/Lewis)
  • Now Here's You (Hopper/McFee)
  • What Ever Happened to True Love (Colla/Lewis)
  • Jacob's Ladder (Hornsby/Hornsby)
  • Stuck With You (Hayes/Lewis)
  • Whole Lotta Lovin' (Colla/Lewis)
  • Doin' It (All For My baby) (Cody/Duke)
  • Hip To Be Square (Gibson/Hopper/Lewis)
  • I Know What I Like (Hayes/Lewis)
  • I Never Walk Alone (Neilsen)
  • The Power Of Love (Hayes/Colla/Lewis)
  • Forest For The Trees (Fletcher/Gibson/Lewis/Loggins)
  • Naturally (Colla/Lewis)
  • Simple As That (Kupka/Castillo/Biner)

The tracks from Jacob's Ladder to the end of this recording were originally issued on the album Fore. The musicians on these tracks are;

Huey Lewis and The News;

  • Huey Lewis - harmonica, vocals
  • Mario Cipollina - bass
  • Johnny Colla - saxophone, guitar, vocals
  • Bill Gibson - drums, percussion, vocals
  • Chris Hayes - guitar, vocals
  • Sean Hopper - keyboards, vocals
Tower of Power horns on Doin' It (All For My baby) and Simple As That;
  • Greg Adams - trumpet
  • Emilio Castillo - tenor saxophone
  • Richard Elliot - tenor saxophone
  • Stephen 'Doc' Kupka - baritone saxophone
  • Lee Thornburg - trumpet
Backing vocals on I Know What I Like and Hip To Be Square;
  • Joe Montana
  • Dwight Clark
  • Riki Ellison
  • Ronnie Lott
  • Jerome Fletcher
  • Mike Duke
  • Ralph Arista
  • Jim Moran
  • 'Doc'
Backing vocals on Jacob's Ladder;
  • David Jenkins
Featured on Hip To Be Square;
  • Stephen 'Doc' Kupka - baritone saxophone
Further information will be added when available.


Further information will be added when available.

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Jacob's Ladder was originally included on the album;

  • Fore, Huey Lewis And The News, 1986
This version of Jacob's Ladder was also included on;