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Relix Bay Rock Shop, Vol. 2

Tom Constanten / Various Artists

Initial release : 1992

Relix RBRS0002

This limited release CD was distributed primarily as a promotional radio show to promote the release of Tom Constanten's Nightfall Of Diamonds CD.

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The contents of this release are a mix of interviews with Tom Constanten, tracks from his Relix albums, tracks from other Relix albums and advertising spots.

  • Conversation
  • Cold Rain & Snow
  • Conversation
  • I Know You Rider
  • Conversation
  • Graceful Ghost
  • Conversation
  • Friend Of The Devil
  • Spot: Arrowhead Ranch
  • Spot: Tom Constanten
  • Conversation
  • Viola Lee Blues
  • Conversation
  • Turn On Your Lovelight
  • Conversation
  • Spot: Arrowhead Ranch
  • Spot: Frank Wakefield
  • Conversation
  • Dark Star
  • Close conversation

The performers of the tracks on this compilation are;

  • Cold Rain & Snow, I Know You Rider, Graceful Ghost, Friend Of The Devil, Dark Star - Tom Constanten
  • Viola Lee Blues - Solar Circus
  • Turn On Your Lovelight - Stackabones
The CD opens with a brief musical collage that includes extracts from music by; Eyes Of The World, Living Earth, Robert Hunter, Zen tricksters, Commander Cody, Flying Burrito Brothers, Jello and Solar Circus.

The spoken sections are primarily taken from interviews with Tom Constanten.

The Tom Constanten tracks are taken from Nightfall Of Diamonds. Musicians include;

  • Tom Constanten - piano
  • Henry Kaiser - guitar
Viola Lee Blues is taken from the Solar Circus Twilight Dance album. Musician on that album include;
  • Mark Diomede - guitar, vocals
  • Ken Golojuch - bass
  • Steve Greene - guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Brad Hall - drums
  • Buddy Cage - pedal Steel
Turn On Your Lovelight is taken from Stackabones self-titled album. The musicians involved on this recording are;
  • Bobby Black - pedal steel guitar
  • Jimmie B. - guitar, vocals
  • Steve Doblick - guitar, vocals
  • Tom Hurst - drums
  • Mindy Lawler - vocals
  • Jeannine O'Neal - organ
  • Tom Tomacello - keyboards
  • David Weil - percussion
  • Karen Whitney - vocals
  • Sam Wilson - bass
  • Butch Zito - mandolin, guitar, vocals

For the compilation;

  • Executive producer - Leslie D. Kippel
  • Production. Interview - Marty Martinez, Mark Francis
  • Cover art - Gary Kroman

The Relix Bay Rock Shop series of CDs were produced in limited editions of 1000. 300 of each of these were provided freely to radio stations, the remainder were sold through retail outlets.

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