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The Rowan Brothers

The Rowan Brothers

Initial release : 1972

CBS KC 31297

Jerry Garcia and Bill kreutzmann play on this album. The album was produced by David Grisman who also plays on mandolin and keyboards.


  • Hickory Day (Rowan / Rowan)
  • All Together (Rowan / Rowan)
  • Best You Can (Rowan / Rowan)
  • One More Time (Rowan / Rowan)
  • Lay Me Down (Rowan / Rowan)
  • Wizard (Rowan / Rowan)
  • Mama Don't You Cry (Rowan / Rowan)
  • Gold (Rowan / Rowan)
  • Love Will Conquer (Rowan / Rowan)
  • Lady of Laughter (Rowan / Rowan)
  • Move on Down (Rowan / Rowan)
  • Singin' Song (Rowan / Rowan)

There is some confusion over the musicians involved on this album.

The original LP lists only the following;

  • Christopher Rowan - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano
  • Lorin Rowan - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin
  • David Diadem - mandolin, keyboards
  • Bill Wolf - bass, moog
  • John Douglas - drums
The 2002 Acadia CD release provides musician information as given above and then adds.

Originally uncredited on LP sleeve;

  • Jerry Garcia - guitar, pedal steel guitar
  • Billy Kreutzmann - drums, percussion
  • Ed Bogas - string arrangements
The later LP release (uncertain which) includes the following additional information on the sleeve;
  • Dick Fenner - cello
  • Jim Keltner - drums
  • Billy Kreutzmann - drums
  • Iasos Benardot - flute
  • Jack Bonus - flute, saxophone
  • Beverly Bellows - harp
  • Bill Elliott - keyboards
  • Buddy Emmons - pedal steel
  • Jerry Garcia - pedal steel
  • Fred's Pickup - truck
  • Richard Greene - electric violin
  • The Ed Bogas Strings
A Peter Rowan web site, which no longer exists, provided the following musician information for the album;
  • Lorin Rowan - guitar, vocals
  • Chris Rowan - guitar, vocals
  • Beverly Bellows - harp
  • Iasos Benardot - flute
  • Edward Bogas - strings
  • Jack Bonus - flute, saxophone
  • Bill Elliott - keyboards
  • Buddy Emmons - pedal steel
  • Dick Fenner - cello
  • Jerry Garcia - pedal steel
  • Richard Greene - violin
  • Jim Keltner - drums
  • Bill Kreutzmann - drums
  • Peter Rowan - guitar, mandolin, vocals
David Diadem is a pseudonym used by David Grisman.

It is not known exactly which tracks feature Garcia or Kreutzmann. They do both play on Hickory Day


  • Record concept, musical direction - David Diadem (aka David Grisman)
  • Engineering, mixing - Bill Wolf
  • Artwork - Laura Allan

When they moved to California and signed with Columbia The Rowan Brothers received a lot of promotion both prior to and during the release of their LP. The following excerpt from a Rolling Stone interview with Jerry Garcia was used on promotional material.

Q. (Rolling Stone) What new things have you heard, other groups, other sounds?

A. (Jerry Garcia) I'll tell you what I've heard lately that I really like a lot, these two kids in Stinson Beach, the Rowan Brothers, Chris and Lorin Rowan. It's fantastic. Their music is just sparkly, brand-new shiny. That's like the latest turn on for me. They're super, and they're right at the point of just starting out and nobody knows about them They could be like the Beatles. They're that good. Their music is that good.

Subsequent out-of-context use of this comparison to the Beatles was probably not helpful to the success of the LP or the Rowan Brothers.

Related releases

It was originally thought that the Rowan Brother 1972 LP was reissued in Italy as;

But is has since been determined that this is a release of unreleased studio recordings from the same period.

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