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Seastones (Extended version)

Ned Lagin

Initial release : Januray 1991

Rykodisk RCD 40193

Experimental electronics. This extended CD release includes the original Seastones plus a second previously unreleased version. Garcia, Hart and Lesh contributed to both versions. Similar music with Lagin involved formed part of some Dead shows in 1974.

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  • Seastones (6 sections, previously unreleased)
  • Seastones (9 sections, originally released version)

Track 1

  • Ned Lagin - piano, clavichord, organ, prepared piano, percussion, synthesizers, computers
  • Phil Lesh - bass
  • Jerry Garcia - guitar, voice
  • David Crosby - guitar, voice
  • Mickey Hart - percussion
Track 2;
  • Ned Lagin - piano, clavichord, organ, prepared piano, percussion, synthesizers, computers
  • David Crosby - guitar, voice
  • Spencer Dryden - percussion
  • David Freiberg - voice
  • Jerry Garcia - guitar, voice
  • Mickey Hart - percussion
  • Phil Lesh - bass
  • Grace Slick - voice

  • Written & arranged by Ned Lagin
  • Engineers (1975) - Betty Cantor, Bob Matthews, Bill Wolf
  • Engineers (1990) - Alan Sudduth, John Cutler, Peter Norman
  • Cover Art - Ruth Poland
  • Computers/software - Ned Lagin, Scott Wedge
  • Mastering - Artisan Sound recorders
  • Digital mastering (1990) - Joe Gastwirt, Ocean View Digital
  • Produced by Ned Lagin
  • Photography - Sal Busalacchi, Ned Lagin

  • Recorded at Rolling Thunder Studios, Ace's Studio, MIT Architecture Machine Group, Brandeis University Electronic Music Studio
  • Mixed-down at His Master's Wheels Studios - discrete 4 channel quad
  • Mix-down studios (1990) - Prairie Sun Recording, Cotati, Club Front, San Rafael.

Track one was recorded during December 1975.

Track two was recorded during February 1975.

Lagin joined the Dead for a number of shows in 1974 playing similar electronic improvisations, sometimes with members of the Dead, at the start of the second set. These segments are usually included on set lists as Seastones or Phil & ned. A number of other 'Seastones' performances also took place in 1974 and 1975.

Related releases

The original Seastones LP comprised track 2 only;

  • Seastones, Ned Lagin, 1975, Round Records, RX 106
A rough mix, 'basic structure' of Seastones was included on; One of the Phil & Ned sections from a Grateful Dead show has been released on CD;