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Talk To Themselves

Grateful Dead

Initial release : 1987


An interview LP released to promote In The Dark. Side B includes musical excerpts.


Side A:

  • Full Interview
Side B (excerpts from the interview):
  • Title Of New Album...
  • What Do Your Think Of New Album?
  • "Touch Of Grey"
  • "Hell In A Bucket"
  • "West L.A. Fadeaway"
  • Steamroller On A Hot Day
  • What's The First Thing You Can Remember?
  • "Tons Of Steel"
  • "Throwing Stones"
  • Have You Heard Anything As A Band In Twenty Two Years? B
  • "Black Muddy River"
  • What's The Last Thing You Expect To Forget?
  • Grateful Dead Music

  • Interviewer - Brent Mydland
  • Featuring - Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart
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