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Tenth Anniversary Albums

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Initial release : 1969?

Warner Brothers PRO-289

A promotional sampler that probably includes Born Cross-Eyed by the Grateful Dead and a track by Eric Andersen. Uncertain about the existence of this item. If it does exist the title may be different. It is possible that this sampler was not released but the project was carried forward to the next release in the Warner Brothers promotional series, PRO-290, Some Of Our Best Friends Are.

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Tracks / Musicians

The performers on this compilation include;

  • Grateful Dead
  • Fugs
  • Fats Domino
  • Peter Paul & Mary
  • Kensington Market
  • Harper's Bizarre
  • Eric Andersen
  • Petula Clark
  • The Ffirst Edition
The Grateful Dead track is Born Cross-Eyed.

Related releases

Born Cross-Eyed was originally released on a single and an album. Unsure which version is included here;