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Where I Come From: Radio Mixes & Live Bonus

New Riders Of The Purple Sage

Initial release : 2009


A limited edition CD that was originally intended solely as a radio station promo. Includes two songs co-written by Robert Hunter and David Nelson.


  • Where I Come From (Hunter / Nelson)
  • Barracuda Moon (Hunter / Nelson)
  • Higher (Driscol / Markowski)
  • Pour House Jelly (NRPS)
  • Let It Grow (Falzarano)
  • Louisiana Lady (Dawson)
  • Peggy O (Traditional)
  • Truck Driving Man (Fell)
  • Dirty Business (Dawson)

  • David Nelson - guitar, vocals
  • Buddy Cage - pedal steel
  • Michael Falzarano - guitar, vocals
  • Ronnie Penque - bass, vocals
  • Johnny Markowski - drums, vocals

  • Professor Louie - Hammond organ (overdubs on tracks 4 and 5)
Related releases

Where I Come From, Barracuda Moon and Higher are radio mix versions of the tracks originally released on;

Pour House Jelly was recorded at the soundcheck at The Pour House in Charleston, SC on 9/18/07

Let It Grow was recorded at the soundcheck at the Shawnee Cave on 9/30/06

Louisiana Lady, Peggy O, Truck Driving Man and Dirty Business were recorded at Turkey Trot Acres on July 30, 2006. These are tracks that were not included on the DVD/CD release of that show;

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