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Young & Rich/Now

The Tubes

Initial release : 2012

Real Gone

A double CD release that combines the second and third Tubes albums.


CD 1:

  • Tubes World Tour (Spooner/Steen/Waybill)
  • Brighter Day (Steen)
  • Pimp (Spooner)
  • Stand up and Shout (Condello/Trainer)
  • Don't Touch Me There (Dorknocker/Nagle)
  • Slipped My Disco (Spooner/Steen)
  • Proud to Be an American (Spooner)
  • Poland Whole/Madam I'm Adam (Spooner/Steen/Tubes)
  • Young and Rich (Spooner)
CD 2:
  • Smoke (Le Vie en Fumer) (Cotten/Spooner/Welnick)
  • Hit Parade (Spooner/Welnick)
  • Strung out on Strings (Evans/Spooner/Steen)
  • Golden Boy (Evans/Spooner)
  • My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains (Captain Beefheart)
  • God-Bird-Change (Lewis)
  • I'm Just a Mess (Spooner/Steen)
  • Cathy's Clone (Dornacker)
  • This Town (Hazlewood)
  • Pound of Flesh (Matthews/Nagle)
  • You're No Fun (Cotten/Tubes/Welnick)
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CD 1 was originally released as;

CD 2 was originally released as;
  • Now, The Tubes, 1977
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